Splash Park Again

We went to the splash park again today with our friends. I think Natalie enjoyed it more today, but she also got upset a couple times when she got "stuck" in the water. She's not a fan of having the water really pour on her. When we first got there, Aiden took her hand and led her around to try to get her to get wet. Then later on, I took her to an area where there are misters that spray, and she wouldn't run all the way through them, but she would go halfway and really get excited about that. Nathan and Aiden also had fun doing that. Toward the end of our visit, she played with Brooke and her older cousin Hannah, filling a bucket that we brought (thanks for the idea, Elisabeth!!!) with water and playing with a plastic shovel and sifter. She's slowly warming up to the big sprinklers at the park, and I bet next summer, she'll have a blast all by herself in the water.

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