Father's Day 2009

Sunday we enjoyed a nice, relaxing Father's Day in Lawton. It was the last trip that I am allowed to take before Mollie's arrival, so I tried to really enjoy being around family. :) It was a long day for Natalie, and since she doesn't nap well when she's away from home, it was a long afternoon for us. ;) She really didn't do too bad once she got past her usual naptime, as long as you let her do what she wanted. ;)

Here's the whole gang at Gram & Opa's. Brad, Opa, Josh, Tommy, Kim, Sam, Sarah (with a very pronounced Mollie!), Gram, Carolyn (with Gavin), and Kathy (with Natalie).
Brad & Natalie.
Gram & Natalie playing with doll clothes. There was some weird yellow lighting in this one, but I thought it made a cool black & white photo anyway. :)
Josh & Carolyn - only about 3 months until the BIG day! :)
Natalie having fun with her Poppy.
Miss Natalie being silly . . . and possibly in some pain from teething.
Tommy entertaining the kiddos.
Natalie with her Papa - in desperate need of a nap . . . and notice the hands in the mouth again!
Natalie & her Papa again.

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