Couple more for the list from Daddy

Brad had a couple more observations to add to my list of things Natalie is doing. These two are especially hilarious . . .
  1. Natalie is pretty good about tolerating Time-Outs (not sure if that means they are working or not!), but she does tend to get bored, apparently. It's not uncommon for us to find her without various articles of clothing when she's done. She always takes off her shoes if she has them on, but lately, she's shirtless most of the time by the end. I guess she has to find something to entertain herself, and we can't really strip her down beforehand, so we have to live with it (and try to keep the laughter inside). :)
  2. For some reason, a couple times lately, Natalie has gotten it into her head that she wants to put a shirt on herself (after she's already fully clothed), but she doesn't quite know how to do it. A couple weeks ago, it was one of my shirts. She kept fighting with the shirt until she got her face through the arm hole. Just her face, not her whole head, so just her little face was peeking out through the sleeve. Brad found her lying on the couch, totally happy, like that. Then yesterday, when he picked her up from Katie's, she wanted something from her bag really badly, but Brad could not figure out what. He finally gave up and put her in the carseat. He could hear her rustling around in her bag that was next to her on the seat, then she got quiet. He looked back, and she'd found her extra T-shirt and put her face through the sleeve again. She was happily riding along with her T-shirt headdress. I so wish he'd been able to get a picture!

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