Mother's Day

First of all, let me say that I've had a great Mother's Day! Brad and I both woke up kind of early, but he got up and I tried to get back to sleep (he turned off the monitor on his way out - YAY! :)) I couldn't get back to sleep, so I got up to take a bath and start getting ready. I was almost done with my bath and I heard some commotion in the bedroom. Brad said, "Where's Mommy?" and then the bathroom door opened, and Natalie walked in carrying a plate of food, still in her pj's. She carried it right up to me, almost spilling it on herself on the way. Brad said, "It was supposed to be breakfast in bed." :) She set it down in front of me, nodded her head, and said "Tee cue." Tooo cute! Then a little later, I got a big Elmo card from Natalie and a super sweet card from Brad. They got me some chocolate and 2 pre-natal massages - one for now, and one for a little later! Yay! :)

We had a great Mother's Day celebration at my mom's house today. Here's Natalie with her Poppy who was teaching her about using dip to make your food yummier. She caught on pretty quickly (she loved the dip!) :) but the concept of not double-dipping was lost on her. ;)
Natalie and Gram
Natalie and Aunt Kimme (CONGRATS again on graduating with your Biology Degree, Kimme!)
Four generations!
Natalie and Uncle Josh. She kept sitting in his lap, then popping up just when I went to take their picture.
Natalie and cousin-to-be Gavin. He's so sweet with her! They had tons of fun playing together today, as usual!
Natalie learned how to jump this morning watching Sesame Street. She still hasn't quite mastered it - she doesn't really pick up her feet, but she's SO proud of herself!
Natalie cuddling with her Nonny before a MUCH-needed nap.
And here's a photo of my ever-growing belly at just past 29 weeks!

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