So You Think You Can Dance

This is a little silly, but it really gave me some extra perspective!

Yesterday one of my friends at work was telling me that about this time last year, the TV show So You Think You Can Dance was just starting, she had 12 weeks to go before her due date, and the show lasts 12 weeks. So, it was fun for her because each week as they got closer to finding a winner, it was like a countdown to her baby coming too. Well, I LOVE that show, and it starts in a week, but I only have about 9 weeks left - 8 by the time the show starts. That means Mollie will be here BEFORE the finale of So You Think You Can Dance! That's just crazy (and exciting)!

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  1. We love to watch that show too! Thanks for letting me know it starts next week! We will be watching and thinking about little Mollie too!