Our Outdoors-loving Girl

I took Natalie outside Saturday evening, and she had a blast. I used this opportunity to take a million and one pictures, and I'm posting a bunch of them here. She's finally feeling better now, but her sleep seems to be a bit interrupted, which I'm thinking might (finally) be her canines coming in. I've heard that they can be worse than molars, so we'll see. I'll just be so glad for them to be in so we won't have to worry about teeth for a while!

Since there's not a lot to do in our yard, I brought her slide outside.
Not sure what this game is, but she had fun playing with a plastic bat and the ball that her Mammy and Pappy sent in her Easter box.
I know this is really cute, but it would be nice if just once I could get a non-CHEEEEEESE smile! ;)
I LOVE this picture. Too bad there is so much sunflare that makes it seem cloudy, but in a way, it's kind of neat too.
Natalie LOVES bubbles. She's not so great at blowing them herself, but we're working on it. Here, she wants me to help her put the cap back on the bubbles. She was pretty insistent, so I helped her.
HERE is why I shouldn't have helped. This is what she did when I put the cap back on!
She can climb up the steps to the slide all by herself now!
So Mommy thought she'd get some pictures without the hat. Natalie thought otherwise. She's saying, "HAAAAA" - she wants the hat back on!
All better! :)
Decided to go to the front yard to play for a bit.
It didn't work out quite as Mommy had planned though. There is a patch of weed paper that is not covered by mulch - it's like a 7"x4" rectangle that sticks up just a bit. Natalie would not go into the yard to play - every time she got to the end of the sidewalk, even with that weed paper (which was not in her way AT ALL, just to clarify), she would make this face and shake her hands and come running back to me. It took me a while to figure out what the problem was at all. When I set out to cover it with mulch, the little girls from next door came over, so it was quickly forgotten as she watched them ride their bikes and tell us stories. She just can't wait to be big enough to join them! :)

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