Two Going on Twelve

So Natalie's new thing is really not my favorite so far. Apparently she's getting a really early start on the fine art of the excuse. For EV.E.RY.THING. Seriously:

Me: OK, Natalie, let's go potty and read some books (she knows this means it's naptime).
Natalie: But I awake!

Natalie is standing on a plastic tote filled with clothes.
Me: Get off of that box.
Natalie: But I jus . . .
Me: No, get off of the box. You could fall.
Natalie: But I jus . . . but I jus . . . (looking around wildly for something, anything that might be a reason to stand there) I nee my crowns (crayons).

Me: Natalie, put the phone back.
Natalie: But I jus calking (talking).
Me: Put it back please.
Natalie: But I jus calking. I calk a Nonny. I calking.

Me: Come on, Natalie, eat the oatmeal you wanted.
Natalie: I jus . . . I jus grumping.
Me (trying reeeeeally hard not to laugh): Well, you can eat your oatmeal even if you're grumpy. ;)

I can't even remember all of them, there were SO many yesterday. And she's not quite two and a half. I am afraid to know what the teenage years hold for us.

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  1. 12 is MUCH worse because you get the sassy attitude, massive drama and the rolling of the eyes all in a matter of 5 minutes. It is fabulous!