Pigtails, Snow, and Sisters

Yesterday, Brad told Natalie he'd love to see her hair in pigtails, and miracle of miracles, it worked!  She let me brush her hair and put them in, and even asked for bows!  She kept them in for quite a while, even during our trip to Lowe's.  She looked so cute running around in the store with her pigtails flying behind her.

We got a lot of snow (for us!) this morning, and I took a few pictures.  It was insane how HUGE the flakes were and how FAST they were flying down for a while.  It doesn't appear that much of it is going to stick around, which is fine by us!

Also, here are a couple cute pictures of Natalie reading to Mollie before their naps this afternoon. :)

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  1. just realized this am you've gotten "The Hands"-pretty special :)