Sleeping Beauty (but not what you think)

No Disney princesses here, just a sweet little baby girl. We found out yesterday that Mollie and Natalie both have RSV and double ear infections. Fun stuff. We have to do breathing treatments for both girls now, and they are also on antibiotics. It's not a huge deal for toddlers, so we're not especially worried about Natalie (it's just like a bad cold), but it can be bad for babies Mollie's age, so it's a bit disconcerting. She seems to be doing well, though, and is mainly bothered by the congestion. She didn't nap all that well today and this week, she has decided to boycott all naps past 2:30 pm. This does not make for a happy Mollie past, oh, let's say 5:30 pm - and that's being fairly generous. Also, she's become SO easily distracted while drinking her bottles that the best way I've found to get her to take them is to get her alone in her room where it's quiet and the distractions are minimal. This is what happened at 6:45 this evening while drinking her last bottle:
Unfortunately, I had to disturb the sweetness by changing her diaper. She wasn't too happy about that. I didn't document that little mood swing.

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  1. Oh sweet baby!!! Look at those rosy cheeks. Hope they are both feeling better. Natalie's hair looks BEAUTIFUL in the pictures below.

    Jenny Hix