So here's another observation I made today about Miss Nat. She loves Sleeping Beauty - ok, that's not the observation, but that's a little background - anyway, she loves it. She would watch it like 5 times a day if we let her (we don't). However, it's starting to appear to me that Sleeping Beauty is on a constant loop in the back of Natalie's mind.

Background: Natalie did not watch Sleeping Beauty AT ALL yesterday. In fact, it's been a few days since she's watched it.

Exhibit A:
Last night, Natalie was taking a bath. She was making me soup and pies and ice cream cones (all out of clear water), and playing with her bath toys. She would hand me a spoon with water on it, and make little fake eating noises and motion to the spoon - she wanted me to pretend to drink my "pie" from the spoon (obviously she's not totally clear on the consistency of pie, but that's beside the point). So my point is, she's completely involved in her pretend play. She then rolls over on her tummy and is kind of swimming around in the tub. She sits up and says, "She skaaaary." I ask her who is scary. She replies, "Baaalady (bad lady) on Seepa Booly. She skary." Just like that, like we'd been talking about Sleeping Beauty the whole time.

Exhibit B:
About an hour later, Natalie is "reading" ME her bedtime books (this is her new thing). We're reading a book about Clifford, and she's having fun reading, then turning the page and answering the "who are we?" question from the previous page. We're on our second time through the Clifford book, and in the middle of the book, she turns the page to answer the question, and instead, looks at the page, then looks at me and says, "She runaway. Seepa Booly runaway." I say, "Oh, yeah? She does, doesn't she?" She agrees. Then we're right back to Clifford - it's a seamless transition.

Not sure what this says about Natalie. Is it good that she's able to multi-task? Bad that she's so thoroughly obsessed with a movie? Just a toddler thing in general? I wish I knew! :)


  1. Very cute and sweet! What a fun age :-D
    Jenny Hix

  2. Nat and I had the same conversation several times on Wednesday;) Brooke kept think Natalie was saying "super body"