Ice, Ice Birthday

Let me start out by saying this ice LOOKS cool, but it's scary and just generally awful. It doesn't take long for this much ice to weigh down powerlines and trees (that fall and take down powerlines). We started out yesterday afternoon getting freezing rain, which turned to sleet, and I learned that although it sounds bad, it's better than freezing rain because the sleet tends to bounce off the power lines and trees instead of sticking and weighing them down. Now we're getting huge fluffy snowflakes - correction, we were getting those - now it's tiny snowflakes falling quickly. I managed to get out for a few minutes this morning in the 27 degree weather to snap some cool pictures.

Please pray for our family in Lawton! Most of the city is without power, trees in general are being totally ruined, and power lines are down all over. My mom does still have power, but barely, and her home is quickly becoming a safe haven for practically everyone they know!

We still have power at our house - PRAISE JESUS - and we're praying we can stay that way. We do have gas logs in our fireplace, so we should continue to have heat, but it wouldn't be easy to have no power and two little ones.

What a birthday this is for me! Interestingly, there was a similiar ice storm in Lawton the day I was born - a big 30 years ago today!! So we're celebrating indoors today, not necessarily by choice, but that's ok. I got to sleep in this morning, and Brad made us chocolate chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast! Yummmm!!!

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