Sibling Stories

I have a few to share today - and they are all from yesterday!

While Mollie was eating yesterday, Natalie and I were looking through her Princess & the Frog sticker book, and she keeps referring to the princess as "Princessinafrog," as if that's her actual name. Here's our convo:

Me: Natalie, her name is actually Princess Tiana, remember?
Nat: Ohhhhh yah. Princess Tiana.
Me: They all have names, you know, like Princess Aurora or Princess Jasmine?
Nat: Yah. Princess Tiana.
Me: Are you Princess Natalie?
Nat: No, I Na-alie. (smiles)
Me: Ohhhh ok.
Nat: Hmm. Princess Na-alie. (smiles) Lil Mermean (Mermaid) Na-alie.
Me: (giggling) Sure! What's Mollie?
Nat: (NO hesitation) Mah-lis-if-bet (Maleficient)
Me: Awww! The bad lady on Sleeping Beauty?
Nat: Yah. She Mah-lis-if-bet.

I told Brad this, and he said that he didn't think Natalie was being insulting, I mean, after all, she has named her favorite baby doll Maleficient/Baaalady. She's just really intrigued by that character! Hopefully this is nothing to be concerned about! HA!

Mollie was seeming a bit touchy, and I thought she might be ready for a bottle. I sat her on my bed so I could do something real quick before we went into the kitchen. She started to whimper a tiny bit.

Me: Mollie, you're ok! I'm just getting something out of the closet riiight here, I'll be right back - and you have Natalie! (said more for Nat's benefit than Mollie's)
Nat: Yeah, Mollie. You ok. Mommy go bye-bye. She RIGHT back.
Me: (from the closet) Mollie - I'm right here!
Nat: OK Mollie. You OK. You wan me? (pause) Yeah? (pause) OK. (gives her a hug)
Me: OK let's get your bottle, Mollie!
Nat: See Mollie, Mommy right back! See? OK!

While she was eating lunch, Natalie saw a Tummy Time mat that I used to lay Mollie on . . . and I took a few pictures of them laying on it together back in the day. The girl's memory is insane. She forgets NOTHING.

Nat: Dat Mollie's?
Me: You're right, it's Mollie's.
Nat: Mollie usa lay on tummy. I lay tummy too. You say (changes her voice and tilts her head) "I cake-a peekture?" (changes voice back) I "Yeah. OK." En you cake-a peekture me Mollie.


  1. Those are so cute...the first one is fantastic!! I laughed so hard!! :)