Since my access to big chunks of free time is basically nil at this point, I am going to attempt to quickly post cute things closer to the time that they happen, instead of storing them up until I have a big long post with lots of pictures. :)

Here's my first attempt:

Last week, Natalie decided that she really wanted to help feed Mollie, so whenever she saw a full bottle ready to go, she snatched it up, saying, "I hep Mommmmmy!" and carried it over to wherever I was going to feed Mollie. I humored her by letting her hold the bottle after I realized that she tired of it quickly. It's easier to let her get bored in 60 seconds and let her feel helpful than fight for 2 minutes about it. So anyway, while she was holding the bottle in Mollie's mouth, she looked at her lovingly, stroked her fuzzy little head, leaned down a bit so she was right on her level, and said, "You'a liiiike it, Mollie? (small pause) Yeah, you do. OK good." I thought I was going to die laughing. It's her new big thing to ask Mollie a question, then pause as if Mollie is answering (generally she "answers" yes), then respond to Mollie's answer. TOO cute!

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