Happy Birthday Brad!

Happy birthday to the best hubby ever! :)

Yesterday, Natalie and I went grocery shopping, and I told her that today was Daddy's birthday and asked her what we should get for him. She immediately said, "kin-els! En bowww kin-els!" I was like - you're right! We should get Daddy a cake so he can blow out some candles! :) After some shopping, we settled on some festive cupcakes. We also picked up some of his favorite candy and it was Natalie's idea to get him some "Snowman," aka Egg Nog - his favorite. Amazing what good ideas a two-year-old can come up with sometimes. ;) Natalie also helped me to pick out a birthday card. She painstakingly chose the perfect card for him . . .

Nat: Doggy? (looks at it) No. MONKEY! Yes! (looks at it) No! Neena puffaflyer!

Me: Pacifier?

Nat: No! Puffaflyer! (points at a pink card with a butterfly on the front)

Me: Oh! A butterfly. Well, that one won't work, it says "Congratulations on your new baby girl."

Nat: Uhhh . . . Monkey.

Me: (giving her back the monkey card) This one?

Nat: Ummm yeah. No! This one! (pointing to another card with a jungle scene on it).

Me: OK are you sure?

Nat: Yeah! I liiiiike dis-a one. (satisfied)

So, once again, Happy Birthday to the best hubby a girl could ask for! And . . .


Happy Birthday! Love, Natalie.

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