Ten on Twelve

As promised, ten photos on the twelfth. :)

8:00 am: Mark's famous recipe pulled pork is in the oven. It's my week to bring dinner for the Yirah girls. Hope they like it!
9:00 am: You can't see them, but Natalie has her first real (meaning about 95% of her hair is up) pigtails today! I was trying to get a cute pic of them, but she just wanted to play peek-a-boo from behind her chair. :)
10:00 am: Natalie watching the snow. Yes, I said SNOW. In Oklahoma, in March. Crazy!
11:00 am: Natalie's tower of blocks. I'm very impressed with her stacking skills!
12:00 pm: Too tired to wake up early + Natalie having a clingy day + Brad home for lunch = Mid-day showering for Mommy. Not complaining!
1:00 pm: Sleeping Natalie. This was one of the easiest naps ever, surprisingly! Notice the new addition to her crib - her own Ariel pillow!

2:00 pm: Seizing an opportunity to finish getting ready while Natalie sleeps.

3:00 pm: Natalie's up and it's time for a snack. We share cheddar bunnies. Yum!

4:00 pm: Natalie "helps" me make brownies for tonight.

5:00 pm: First Natalie tells me "shoes," and brings me these. So I put them on her. Then I go back into the kitchen to clean up, and she starts saying "hep! hep!" She's trying to climb into this chair. So I "hep" her into the chair and give her some paper and crayons. I come back over to her a couple minutes later, and you can't really see it in this photo, but there is red wax on her lips and chin. We seriously need to work on the "crayons are not for eating" rule. Just when I think she's got it, I find wax in her teeth. Yay. ;)

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