The Big Girl Bed

I have to say, Natalie has done amazingly well with her new bed! Brad took down the crib and put the full-sized bed from our guest room/soon-to-be-new-nursery on Friday, and attached the bed rail to the side. Natalie LOVES to get up on her big bed, and she LOVES to sleep in it! It's hilarious how excited she gets about the thing. I thought that might be bad and she might not want to actually sleep in it, but she does! The first night went 100% perfectly, and so did naptime the following day. When I heard her on the monitor in the morning, I went to her room, opened her door, and she was just climbing off the bed, saying "down!" That's actually one of the only times she's even gotten out of it though! Usually, we go in and she's happily rolling around or sitting up in it. It almost makes me feel like she was crowded in the crib, but I know she had plenty of room. We did have one weird naptime on Monday, but all in all, it wasn't so bad, and I think it had more to do with her teeth bothering her than anything else.

By the way, she is seriously working hard on her 1st year molars. One of the top ones has a few cusps poking through, and all 3 others are thisclose to poking through as well. Honestly, I probably shouldn't say this, but it's been much easier than I ever expected cutting molars to be, since the other 8 teeth she has were such a bear. Praise Jesus! Hopefully it doesn't get too much worse before they are all the way through. It makes me not dread the 2nd year ones nearly as much!

My allergies have actually been better lately - Praise the Lord!!! - so maybe Natalie and I will venture out to the park tomorrow and take some pictures outside. We have some other errands to run, too, so we'll see. I know I've been bad about not taking enough pictures of her lately!

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