JBF Goodies

This past weekend was the big JBF consignment sale at the fairgrounds. Katie and I volunteer at it so that we can go to the presale, and we even convinced Bill and Brad to volunteer 3 hours so we could go to the absolute start of the presale. It was a good thing that we did, too, because I got there early, and went straight to the strollers as soon as they opened. I was looking for a sit & stand stroller, preferrably a Joovy Caboose. We test-drove a similar style at Babies R Us, and Natalie thought it was lots of fun to stand on the back. I think it will be great for her now that she's firmly in the "I want to WALK" phase! There was another lady at the sale who got to the strollers right before me who must have had the exact same thing in mind. It was kind of funny to watch her going from stroller to stroller looking at prices, then she grabbed the tag on one and said, "This one! I want this one!" to the stroller attendant. It was one of two identical red & black Joovy Cabooses. So I promptly told her I wanted the other one. Mine was $70, and hers was $50, so I missed out on a slightly better deal, but it's a $150 stroller, so I was still thrilled with my price. Here's a picture of the stroller from the website. Ours needs to have a super-good cleaning!I also got a ton of cute clothes for Natalie that I'm so excited for her to get to wear. We are back to winter/fallish weather now, though. She didn't have really any Spring/Summer clothes in 24 month size, so I got to buy her a whole wardrobe. I was so excited to find awesome deals on such cute stuff! I paid about $4 per dress, $5 for jeans, and $2.50 for each shirt/top. You can't get those kind of prices at Wal-Mart, much less Children's Place, Old Navy, Gap, and Target! Here are most of Natalie's new clothes: These last 3 dresses are my absolute favorites! I can't wait for her to get to wear them!

I also got a booster seat for Natalie, some nursing pads and milk storage bags, a few wooden puzzles, and some cute board books to refresh our collection (Mommy & Daddy are ready for some fresh material!). :) You'll notice that I didn't mention buying any clothes at all for the new baby. I resisted temptation and didn't even LOOK at that section! We are so blessed that Brad's sister Lisa is sending us all of her preemie/newborn/0-3 month summer clothes that she had for Aubrey! This should work out wonderfully since Aubrey was born July 10. I think that once we get through the summer and warm fall months, our new girlie will be able to fit into the same clothes that Natalie wore since we have TONS of 0-3 month fall/winter/spring clothes!

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  1. It looks like you got a lot of nice things! There is a JBF sale in Richmond, IN that I am thinking about going to. Hopefully I will find some good deals too!