A Name, A Date, & Bedding

Big news - we finally decided on a name! It is going to be Mollie Grace! It's so fun to actually be able to call her by name now. I think it makes me even more anxious for her arrival!

I also had my OB appointment on Thursday, and it went great! We got to schedule my c-section! It will be Tuesday, July 14.

We also picked out bedding for Mollie's nursery, and we bought paint this morning! Brad is working on painting right now, and I'm so thrilled that it will be out of the way soon! It's going to be a very soft yellow.

This is the bedding we got - just the quilt and the crib skirt:

But I think it's SOOOOO much cuter in person. I took a picture, but it still doesn't seem to do it justice:

I think I'll order a curtain panel and use it to make a matching valence.

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