T minus 9 hours

Well, the day is finally here - or it will be in just a couple of hours! It seems like it's gone by so fast and so slow at the same time - but mainly so fast!

Tomorrow morning, Brad and I will be leaving our house at 5 am to arrive at Lakeside by 5:30 for all my pre-op stuff. The actually surgery is scheduled for 7:30 am. I'm not supposed to eat or drink anything after midnight, which reminds me that I'm kinda thirsty, so I better get some water now and hide the cup so I don't reach for it in the night! ;)

The to-do list is (finally!) finished. The family has all arrived. Natalie is sleeping peacefully (finally!) after a VERY rough bedtime. I think there's too much excitement and she had an extra-long nap today that both really were not working in our favor. I won't get into details, but it was truly the worst bedtime ever - and what a terrible night for it! Ugh. I'm wide awake now, and so much of it is because I worry about how she'll do Tuesday and Wednesday nights when we're not home. I must, must, must put it in God's hands. Hopefully I'll have so many other things on my mind tomorrow that Natalie's bedtime won't have any room!

Other than the past 2 hours, it's been a really nice day. We spent the morning with my mom, then Lisa and Aubrey flew in and the girls could not possibly be having more fun together. I got to do a little shopping with my mom, then Brad's parents arrived and we had a nice afternoon and evening. The day went by at a nice pace - not too slow, not too fast. I just can't believe that we are leaving our house tomorrow morning and when we return in a few days, we will be a family of four! It's just really hard to imagine.

So I guess I need to close the laptop and get some rest. But first, I have some big prayers:
  • For me to be able to get some decent sleep tonight!
  • For everything to go smoothly with my surgery.
  • For Mollie to be perfectly healthy.
  • For Mollie to be a strong nurser.
  • For Natalie to be excited and fall in love with her sister.
  • For Natalie to have a wonderful experience with her family who's taking care of her while we're in the hospital and yes, for her bedtimes to go smoothly for all involved!

By my next post, I'll be a mother of two! How crazy is that?! :) I like the sound of it! I think Mollie does too - she's moving around right now like CRAZY!

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