One Week

Here are some pictures of sweet Mollie from this morning. I cannot believe she is one week old already! Where does the time go???

Things are going really well at home. Mollie is nursing well and gaining weight like crazy! We have had some rough nights, but they haven't been insanely bad. I think we just got spoiled by our two first nights at home that were pretty much perfect - just had to wake her, change her, feed her, and she went right back to sleep. Now she has not been going right back so easily. :-/ I'm sure it will get better with time though, especially when we're able to keep her up more during the day. Natalie is testing us more, but who can blame her? We are really aware of how difficult it is for her and give her lots of attention while playing down the whole Mollie thing. ;) Still, dealing with her fits is not fun. We have to believe this will get better with time too. We're all learning to adjust to a new version of normal! Keep us in your prayers! :)

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