4th of July

You may or may not know this, but we live in a crazy place (Mustang) where it's legal to do fireworks anywhere. We have missed out on a great majority of the festivities pretty much every year since we've moved here because we're usually in Lawton. When we come home, we see the remains of an insane amount of fireworks, and we catch a little bit of the insanity, but that's the extent of it. This year, I am too far along to be allowed to travel, so we've been home. It's totally crazy and actually a little bit scary! Our friends Sam, Elisabeth, and Aiden came over after church and we sat outside and watched the festivites. We actually had a front row seat - our neighbors on all sides were doing fireworks like crazy. Brad bought a $16 family pack, so we had a few things of our own to watch. I cannot imagine the amount of money that must have been spent just on half of our block! Natalie and Aiden enjoyed the "snaps," and they were both a little uncertain about the big fireworks going on around us, but Aiden eventually had a lot of fun with it. Natalie, however, did not. She spent all of her time either snuggled into my chest or her daddy's. She wasn't truly upset by it, so I felt like it was ok to stay out with her, but she wasn't too excited by it either. She went to bed at 10:15 tonight, which is probably the latest she's ever gone to bed since she was old enough to have a real bedtime! Hopefully she can sleep ok through the fireworks, which are still going strong behind our house.

And just for fun, here are a couple from the 4th of July last year:

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