Omniplex Science Museum

Today we took Natalie to the Omniplex Science Museum. We knew most of the exhibits would be way over her head, but we thought she'd enjoy the little kids' area and enjoy not having us tell her she couldn't touch anything for a change! It went pretty much as expected! It took her a little while to warm up to things, but I think she really enjoyed it. It won't be something we'd do again for a long time, but as she gets older, I think she'll get more and more out of it each time she goes. :)

Natalie and Daddy on the BIG tractor.

Probably Natalie's favorite thing - climbing up the stairs in the little replica firehouse! She had to climb up many, many times. :)

Sitting on the little seat on the upper floor of the firehouse - pretty proud of herself. ;)

Playing in the water.

Back to the BIG tractor all by herself later on.

Ringing the doorbell of a little frame house.

Trying to make the angular momentum exhibit work - it did, with Daddy's help. ;)

In the huge treehouse with Daddy. I'm sure this is big-time fun for kids big enough to climb it on their own.

Natalie was very excited to see all the airplanes! She made flying motions and sounds, and told us there were TWO airplanes. Apparently "two" = "more than just one" at this point. ;)

Astronaut Natalie!

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