Sweet Prayers

No pics to add to this post, but today and yesterday, I realized that Natalie is doing two kind of related things that made my heart melt!

After reading her a few bedtime stories, we always sit forward in the chair in her bedroom, and I say a very short little prayer. I have always held her little hands in mine while I pray. Last night, she took hold of my thumbs when we sat forward, and I looked at her and saw her sitting with her eyes closed, waiting!! How sweet is that?!

We always says a prayer before we eat, and we hold hands. This morning at breakfast, Natalie was getting really fussy and fidgety, wanting her food. I said, "Natalie, just a minute, you know we're going to pray first," and I took her hand. Brad wasn't sitting down yet, and she held her other hand out to him and looked in the direction he was coming from! She did the same thing at lunch too!

I know she's not able to understand the meaning of prayer, but it's definitely a huge step in the right direction that it's becoming part of her daily routine! I'm just blown away every day by seeing her do things that show me she understands so much more than I thought she did at this point!


  1. love your two stories...don't think they could be much sweeter, but then neither could she. :)

  2. We felt the same way when Brooke caught on to our praying. It just seems like it melds you all together as a family when she wants to be included:)