Girls' Nights (& Days!)

Well, Brad left today for a short trip to D.C. for work, so I guess it will be just the girls for a couple days - me, Nat, & Casey (aka "Ase!"), of course! We've got quite a few things going on that will keep us busy, but Natalie has seemed a little out of sorts the past couple days, so I am little nervous about being without Brad. It just seems like sometimes she gets bored and fussy when there's only one of us around if she's not in the best mood. She took an awesome nap at Katie's today, though, so hopefully she'll be happy this evening and we can have some nice quality time. :) Both of her top teeth next to the middle ones (not sure what they are called?) are right on the verge of coming through, so maybe that's what's getting to her - I'm just glad for all of us that she's still sleeping ok!

She's still working on the walking, but doesn't do it too often unless we initiate it, and then it's only 2-4 steps at a time. We've had her walking back and forth between us while we're sitting on the floor, but even if she's still balancing fine by the time she gets close to one of us, she just lunges into our laps! So she still needs a little more confidence!

Oh, and I think that maybe Natalie is starting to call me Mama! Yesterday afternoon, she said what sounded exactly like "Mama" and started crawling towards me. I laughed and said, "Yes, Natalie?" because she's never really called me Mama before, so I thought it was a coincidence (I try to keep my expectations low so as not to be disappointed!). She said it again and kept crawling toward me at lightning speed. I picked her up, and it became obvious VERY quickly that she needed a diaper change! Ha!


  1. That is awesome that Natalie called you MaMa! I hope you have a great girls couple of nights and days! I loved the pictures you took of your friends at the park! They turned out so good!