Miss Natalie took her very first two steps on Sunday! Yesterday, she did the same thing a few times. She's definitely getting more brave, which is good I think. She's getting much braver in standing on her own, too, and she can do it for 30-40 seconds at least. She doesn't usually fall down, either, she just really carefully sits herself down. It's kinda funny. :) She will even start to sit down and then stand up again, too. I know once she's walking it'll be even more work for us, but it's so amazing to see her making this big milestone. It will probably still be a little while before we officially have a true walker on our hands, and that's fine by us! It would be fun if she were walking by Halloween, but I know she'll do it in her own time. I've been so caught up lately with realizing how big she's getting, and I was shocked at how little she looked again when I saw her taking steps on her own!

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