Current Baby Tricks

I've gotten behind in filling out Miss Nat's baby book. Here are some things that she's doing that I'm taking note of as I work on it:

  • Using the sign for "more" when she's eating. She also says, "Mo . . . mo?" at the same time.

  • Pointing to her nose when you ask her where it is.

  • Sticking out her tongue and wiggling it when you ask her where it is (thanks to Great Aunt Jane for this cute trick)!

  • Patting her chest when you ask where Natalie is. She also sometimes adds, "Naa . . . Naa" or what might sound more like "Daa . . . Daa" to the untrained-in-Natalie-language ear. ;)
  • Pointing to your eye and saying, "Eye." Sometimes she does this when you ask her where her eye is, but sometimes she points to her own nose. Go figure!
  • Saying "Nigh" oftentimes when you tell her "Goodnight" after laying her in her crib and turning out the light.
  • Claps and/or dances as soon as she hears even the littlest bit of music.
  • Says "Hi!!" or "Hey!" when she sees someone and wants to get their attention.
  • Says "Uh!!! (pause) oh," usually when she drops something.
  • Stands for about 20 seconds on her own.
  • Is still obsessed with Casey and calls her "Ase."
  • Gets scolded daily for insisting on standing in the chair she got for her birthday. She has got a strong will already!!!
  • Looooooves fruit of any kind. Her favorites are blueberries, bananas, and grapes.
  • Makes a scrunchy face and shows you all 4 of her teeth when you ask her to smile (I am STILL working on catching this on camera!)

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