In the Summertime

I must get myself to bed, but I wanted to post these cute little videos of the girls at the pool in Ohio this past weekend.

Mollie is VERY cautious about most everything, pools and water definitely included. She barely wanted to wade in the baby pool until all of a sudden she saw Natalie going down the slide all by herself. Then she said, "My tun! I side!" So I kind of ignored it for a bit, but she persisted, so Brad took her down. The first time, the sounds she made were less than enthusiastic, but that little thing trucked herself right back up and wanted to do it again - and again - and again - and AGAIN. I am not exaggerating AT ALL when I tell you that Brad took her down about 30 times, I took her twice, and Sheila took her probably 15 times. I think Mollie went down the slide more than anyone else!

Here are a couple clips of Mollie sliding and RUNNING back to the stairs.

Natalie had an absolute blast and has no fear of the water. In fact, I wish she had a little more fear, but we're working on it. :) She keeps her trusty Puddle Jumper on (as does Mollie), and she's good to go. I was proud of her sliding all by herself with her cousins. She (like her dear old mom) is not quite as coordinated with the sliding and ends up completely dunking herself at the bottom, but it doesn't phase her one bit!

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