Comparison Pics

A friend was asking me today if Mollie's hair looked like it was going to be like Natalie's (you know, long, thick, wavy, GORGEOUS), and if Mollie's looks like Natalie's did at this age. I decided to look back HERE at the 'ol Blog and see for myself! The answer is, YES! Aside from the color, their hair is SO SIMILAR at 19 months. Well, we'd cut bangs for Nat, and I'm determined NOT to do that with Mollie, but the back looks almost just the same. Mollie's might be a tad thinner, but it's so much lighter that that might be the difference. And, since I LOVE to do these comparision pics, LOOKEE here! OH MY GOSH MY #1 BABY is SO NOT a BABY anymore, people!!



And here's a good one of Miss Mollie's hair, although this is almost 2 months ago. It's the best one of the back(ish):

Oh, and for anyone following the story, Natalie and her Ungraffe are once again happily inseparable. :) :)

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