Looookie Here!!

A couple days ago, I submitted a little story and photo on a blog that I love - Kelle Hampton's Enjoying the Small Things - as a submission to win a beauuuuutifully cool Mother's necklace. To my thrill and surprise, she posted my entry yesterday on her site! That certainly doesn't mean that I'll win the big prize, but at the risk of sounding like an Oscar nominee, "It's just an honor to be nominated!" Woo hoo! You can click here to see the whole post (she's posted a few submissions for the last few days, the two from this post are not the only ones), but I'll also add it here:

Life happens here in our toddler's bedroom. Love has been literally stroked onto its walls, having been painted no less than three times over two days by a loving daddy, at the urging of an expectant mama, both determined to find the perfect shade of pink for the arrival of our firstborn. Currently it's my favorite place to watch as our two daughters are united and we can just see love and friendship blooming in their hearts . . . in this room sweet and silly books are read and giggled over before naptime and lingered over after naps. It's here that bedtime tales have been shared nearly every night by adoring parents, who are still finding it a little difficult to believe that they could have been this blessed.


  1. I just teared up reading this! So SO sweet! Congrats on the nomination Cuz! I looked at her blog this past wkend, and ready the story of her daughter's birth- talk about a tear-jerker! Beautiful story. As is this one. It's things like this that make me realize I can't wait to be a mom! I just hope I'm half the mama you are, Natalie and Mollie are two VERY lucky girls :)

  2. how neat being nominated!! i love this picture and as usual your story is wonderful :)