9 Months

Well, I was late in taking Miss Mollie's 9 month photo, and now I'm even later in posting it! During the past month, Mollie has started crawling and pulling herself up on things. She LOVES being mobile, especially when it involves chasing Natalie around the house. Natalie's definitely a trooper - getting down on Mollie's level and crawling with her! They are so adorable together!

It's so exciting to watch this point in Mollie's life. She's showing more and more personality, and just gets sweeter each day. She seems to be more attached to me than Daddy's Girl Natalie was, which is kind of neat for me, I won't lie. :) We think she may have started giving some "kisses" over the weekend, but it's not especially consistent. I loooooove it when they start doing that, so I seriously can't wait!

It is totally and completely insane to me that Mollie is only 3 months (well, 2.5 at this point) away from her first birthday! I have been planning her party in my head, but I need to start really getting some ideas. The way time flies, it will be here literally before we know it!

Natalie and Mollie are having more fun together than I could have imagined at this point. They play peek-a-boo in the car, and they play a game that Natalie has entitled "Jumperoos," which is basically a type of peek-a-boo where Natalie puts a blanket over Mollie, then pulls it off and says, "Jump-a-roo, Jump-a-roo, Jump-a-ROO!" to the tune of Mollie's giggles.

Last week, they were crawling around in the kitchen, chasing each other and having fun when Natalie disappeared. I knew she'd gone into her room, and after about two minutes, I called her across the house. She said, "I in my roooooom!" I said, "I know, but what are you doing in there?" She replied, "I waiting fa Mollie. She gonna come chatch me." I looked down at Mollie, chewing on a toy she'd just discovered, blissfully unaware that she was part of a game of Hide & Seek. So I scooped her up, and both of us went to "chatch" Natalie.

Sunday evening was the close of a rough day. No one had been sleeping too well the past few nights, Mollie wasn't napping well, and she just didn't seem to be happy. Brad had been playing with the girls, and I started hearing extremely excited giggles and squeals. Eager to see what all the excitement was about, I went into the living room, and to my surprise, I found Brad sitting on the couch - alone. He said that the girls were chasing each other and having THAT much fun going from room to room, all on their own. I had totally assumed that he was tossing them in the air or inventing some super-fun new Daddy game. YAY for sisters having fun with each other!

And here are a few of Natalie with the pink bear, because isn't only fair that they both have a turn? :) I am definitely not turning her down ANY time she WANTS to look into the camera! :)

I know this looks really odd, but she's belting out one of her famous Disney tunes, and it's just classic Natalie. :)

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