For the Birds

So tonight, we went to the "big park" in town and walked the 2 mile track with the girls in the double stroller (joovy caboose - love it!). In one area, there is a large pond that kind of trickles out into a stream on one side. I saw these black birds that had bright red shoulders. I thought they were really different, so I was pointing them out to Brad. After a minute, Natalie starts pointing, and saying, "I want one." We have no idea what she's talking about. She says, "I want one a dose. Wight here." She still appears to be pointing out towards . . . the birds. We then realize that she has pushed up the sleeve of the arm she is "pointing" with . . . and also realize that she's not pointing, she's sticking her arm out so the bird can come land on it. I think someone's been to the new Lorakeet adventure at the zoo a few too many times lately. ;) Add that in to a fondness for Cinderella, and voila! Birds totally just come sit on your arm if you want them to. Obviously! Right?

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