John Mayer!!

Friday night, Brad and I went to the John Mayer concert at the Ford Center. It was so much fun! We had really awesome seats! It was really cool to be so close to the front, and it definitely made for some entertaining people-watching as well. We didn't expect to enjoy the opening act, but we really did! It was Michael Franti & Spearhead, and they had a really great show. Michael Franti sang quite a bit out in the audience, and at one point, he was RIGHT in front of Brad (our seats were the first in a row, so there was an aisle right in front of us). He does a little video clip for each show on his website, put they haven't uploaded the OKC one. We keep checking to see if we're on the video!

John Mayer was an awesome show too, of course! He played for about 2 hours, which put us getting in and getting to bed WAY past our normal bedtime. :) It was well worth it though! Here's a little video I took of one of my old faves thats brings to mind happy memories of when Brad and I first started dating. :)

Tiny Concert Clip from Sarah Billheimer on Vimeo.

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