JBF Goodies!!!!!!

It's that time of year again! I got to do my semi-annual big shopping at the Just Between Friends Spring/Summer consignment sale at the fairgrounds. This time, I was mainly shopping for clothes - no big-ticket items needed around here right now! Basically, I need an entire spring/summer wardrobe for Natalie, but I couldn't help my self and had to pick up some new cute outfits for Miss Mollie as well.

When I got everything home, it was so much fun to show the clothes to Natalie! It's the first time that she's actually been interested. She was even excited about Mollie's clothes too. When I showed her her own, she was literally squealing, grabbing things from the stacks, putting them ON over her clothes, thanking me, telling me "it's so CUTE, Mommy!" describing the colors and characters (I'm kinda anti-characters on clothes, but I did get her some Disney Princess jammies, to her delight), and just generally being an excited GIRL. At one point, she had a new shirt on top of a new dress on top of her current clothes, plus the polka dot flip flops. It was very cute. :)

So here's our haul:

New sun hats and summer some shoes for both:
I even managed to find them a couple coordinating outfits. These dresses may look black, but they are actually brown and very similar styles. I just love these blue skirts with the pale pink tank tops too!
More sweet dresses for Natalie:
Some cotton sundresses for Nat:
Bathing suits & cover-up:
Cute outfits - these brown gauchos are soooooo adorable, oh my gosh!
Loooooove the capris and pointelle hooded sweater here - and the other outfit is super cute too!
This sweater is for Easter - to replace the one I bought (extremely, extremely grudgingly) at Target a few weeks ago. That one will be going back since this (sometimes) smart Mommy kept the tags ON it!
Summer jammies - adorable!
A swimsuit & sundress for Mollie (she already has a TON of suits, it's ridiculous!)
Cute summer dresses for Miss Mollie:
Super sweet outfits I love for Mollie:
And this year, I actually had TONS of things to consign at the sale. Of course I kept some pieces that have a special place in our hearts, but I am consigning most of the clothes that Mollie's outgrown, along with some other baby items that we didn't have a need for anymore. I'm soooo anxious to see how our things sell! If all goes well, we'll make WAY more than enough to cover the items that I bought today - yay! :)

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  1. Looks like you got tons of cute outfits! I missed our sale over the weekend. We were in Columbus but I went through their spring/summer things and they are pretty good already. It's fun getting good deals!!