Eight Months

Mollie is EIGHT months old today. That's just so hard to believe. There are only FOUR months until her birthday. It's just not right. I feel like just yesterday, I was still going to the hospital for NSTs, taking Natalie to the splash park, and PRAYING that she would take good naps so that I could too because being pregnant and chasing after a toddler was exhausting. On the other hand, that seems like an entirely different life. It's a little bit hard to remember life without Mollie - and that's just fine with us. It's getting better all the time!

Mollie sits up like a pro, and when she does end up on her tummy, she has started scooting backwards or attempting to get up on her knees, without a whole lot of success at this point. She LOVES sitting up to play and will even play on her own for a nice period of time. She is totally in love with Natalie, who completely shares the devotion. It's wonderful to watch them laugh, giggle, squeal, and just love each other in general. I wonder what Natalie will think when Mollie becomes mobile. It's funny, Mollie will scoot around on her bottom, and reeeeeeach for things she wants, but I don't think she's realized that crawling is an option yet. When she does, look out world! She still only has two teeth, but I think the top two may be on their way. We're still in shock that she cut the bottom two almost without our knowledge!

Mollie's been sick quite a lot in the past two months, but she appears to be over everything for now. It's such a relief to see her feeling better. She's so happy and smiley in general. It's hard to see her upset, whiny, or just lethargic. We know it's just not "her" to act that way. YAY for putting the sick stuff behind us and more Mollie smiles in our future!

I guess not a lot has changed in the past month, other than Mollie just becoming more mature and more of her own person. She does a lot more babbling now, and of course, is saying da-da-da-da-da a lot more than ma-ma-ma. *sigh* She definitely isn't using either as a name, though, she's just making her presence known. :) She loves to eat puffs and baby mum-mums while we eat, then it's her turn for dinner. If you decide that she's more tired than hungry, and try to lay her down for a nap without her solids, she becomes enraged! The photos below are the result of today's lunch. I knew she wouldn't take a nap without eating, even though I don't think she was hungry. Our pediatrician says eating at this age, is such a social thing. They just want to be like us! Today, I had given her blueberry puffs while we ate, and there were a few on her tray still while I was feeding her lunch to her. I think she thought she was pretty stinkin' funny at one point, because she grabbed a puff and jammed it into her mouth when I was headed that way with the spoon. Then she just giggled at me. Anyway, today Mollie also decided she NEEDED to hold the spoon. So I let her help. ;) That resulted with Turkey & veggie dinner alllll over her hands. Then she began rubbing her eyes, and, well, you can see what happened. I was scrubbing veggies out of Miss Mollie's eyelashes for quite some time.

In short, our love affair with Mollie continues to grow daily. :)


  1. These are wonderful!! I love your writing :)

  2. Happy 8 months Mollie! Kara and Elizabeth say hi to both of you girls!!