Nine on One

OK so you know how I used to do these posts where I took a picture every hour on the hour each month? Well, it turns out that being pregnant and dealing with a two-year-old makes that difficult. AND having a newborn and a toddler? Makes the consistent-picture-taking difficult as well. I've been attempting to remember to do it again for a few weeks now, and today - I succeeded. Kind of. They aren't necessarily on the hour exactly, and I totally forgot about it after Brad got home from work. But I got nine pictures in! Here's a day in the life of us. :)

How lucky can I get that I get to wake up to this face? Playing with Mollie. One child dressed, one to go.
Sweet Natalie (Mollie's napping).
Playing with her dolls and Sesame Street characters in her dollhouse. Still in jammies. No surprise. It takes us a while to get dressed around here, especially without the motivation of having to go somewhere. ;)
Making "pah-ders" - aka "spiders" = playing her new "Cooties" game. Notice she is now DRESSED!
Lunchtime kisses for Daddy!
Books in Natalie's bed before naptime. (No, they do not sleep together, in case you're wondering!)
+TWO monitors on -red lights = free time for Mommy! This does NOT happen every day! Unfortunately, this did not last. Natalie took a short nap, thus ending my break. Maybe next week!
Sweet curls. Her hair is usually extra-curly after naptime.
So there you go. I may post some "outtakes" of Natalie if I get some time later. Funny stuff. :) ;)

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