Christmas 2009, Part 3 - @ Home!!!

I have been SO looking forward to Christmas with Natalie this year. I've been getting awesome deals on things here and there for months. We honestly didn't even end up spending that much, but I think we got her quite a few cool things - and then a lot of books. :) We planned to have her open her gifts Christmas morning, but due to some crazy weather, we decided to leave for Ohio sooner than planned, so we let her open her gifts tonight. I'm not sure what her favorite gift was, but the one she was most interested in the entire time was a super cheap knock-off travel-sized magna doodle - and she already has a better Magna Doodle brand one - I just saw a super deal and thought it would be good to have one to leave in the car. Sheesh! She kept saying, "Oh! My doodle!?" and looking for it. I finally hid it! She was pretty excited about her Princess Pea and Wonder Red little flyers (about the size of Hot Wheels) - but kept looking for Super Why himself. I could have kicked myself for not getting all 4, but I'm sure she'll be happy with the 2 - she just figured they must all be there in her stocking somewhere. Oh, the stocking! She really had fun getting all the little things out of there. She kept digging to the bottom, then finally flipped it over, proclaiming, "I dump it!!" Then when she opened the little Princess Pea doll, she looked really confused, and kept going back to the Princess Pea flyer, like she didn't understand how there could be TWO Princess Peas. :) The little Ariel and teeny tiny Flounder were a big hit too, as were the 2 princess books she got. She had lots of fun playing with her toys before bed, and understandably, didn't want to go. She insisted on taking Princess Pea, Ariel, and Flounder to bed after reading a few of her new books. She kept asking for "Red" (the Wonder Red flyer), but we had to draw the line somewhere. She started saying, "I dropped her!" but she really hadn't dropped her, she just hadn't picked her up. Brad promised her she could go find Red tomorrow. Then she was kind of whining a while after we told her goodnight, so Brad went in to see what she needed. She was crying because she lost Flounder. Ugh! This Flounder is teeeeeeny tiny, and I was really hesitant to let him into bed to begin with. I forsee lots of Flounder search parties in my future. He may disappear soon. ;)

Oh, and you'll see that Miss Mollie is notably missing from the photos. She had already gone to bed by the time we decided to open gifts tonight, but we didn't figure it mattered much. She'll get to play with her new Little People and Gloworm on the long car ride. :) Trust me, she needed her rest! It's been a LONG day!

Excited to see her gifts under the tree for the first time.

Looking at the filled stockings on the mantel.

Tiny Ariel & Flounder

See how teeeeeny this Flounder is? He's in the far bottom right of the above pic.

A new Princess book!

TWO Princess Peas??

More examination of Ariel

Playing with her new Tag Jr. that I got for only $8.99! Woo Hoo! I love a bargain! :)

The (for some reason) SUPER special "Doodle!"

Brushing Princess Pea's hair before bedtime.

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