5 Months!

Mollie is 5 months old! She's actually a little over that, but it's taken me like a week to get pictures taken! It's a crazy time of year!

Mollie is still just the happiest baby! Her joy just makes us smile all the time. She's become much more aware of Natalie, who of course thinks that is great! Mollie loves to just watch Natalie! We started giving her baby food a few weeks ago. She wasn't too excited in the beginning, so we've been working on it very slowly. So far, her favorite is winter squash (butternut and acorn squashes, I think) and green beans are a close second. Green beans were always Nat's favorite too. Go figure!

Their afternoon nap tends to coincide pretty often, so I get to read them books together before naptime, which is fun. Mollie is sleeping a lot less during the day now, but she's really happy when she's awake for the most part, so things are just great with us in general.

Natalie loves to help me out with Mollie and will bring me diapers, burp cloths, and stuff like that. She's also usually happy to throw away used diapers (I wrap them well, of course!), which is nice! :)

Mollie is still rolling over, holding her head up really well, talking LOTS, and majorly enjoying playing with her feet. We get little giggles pretty often, but no real big fits of belly laughter yet. We're waiting! She has also just started trying to sit unsupported. Well, actually, she's been TRYING for a long time, but she's getting successful at it just recently.

With Natalie, I was (and still am) always excited about the new things she does and anxious to see the next big (or small!) milestone achieved. I wasn't sad at each birthday because I was just happy to have such a strong, smart, healthy, growing girl! With Mollie, however, I feel very torn between being eager for her to do the next thing while at the same time, my brain is screaming, "SLOW DOWN!" I just can't believe she's 5 months old already. I've said it before, and I'm certain that I'll say it 8,957,461 more times: TIME FLIES. But we're definitely having fun!

Here's Mollie @ 5 months:
And Natalie @ 6 months (much closer comparison, I think):
And check this out. This made me laugh when Mollie did it, because I knew I had the 2nd photo below . . .
And one more from today of our sweet baby Mollie

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