Roll Out!

I know it's been forever since I posted anything, but this past week has been insanely busy. I don't have any photos to post, unfortunately, because I haven't had one free second to even take one!

BUT! I have news! Miss Mollie rolled from back to tummy on Tuesday for the first time, and she's been doing it lots ever since! It really cracks me up that she doesn't really like to BE on her tummy, but it's as if she MUST roll to it, just because she can.

I'll just give like a 1-minute round-up of stuff Natalie's doing:
  • Mastered the art of running, and is working on the perfect jump
  • Loves "SuperWhy" on PBS. Her favorite part is Princess P, and whenever she sees her on screen, she says, "OOOH! Dare is! I fine it!" Also, she must have her "magic wand" in hand to watch the show.
  • Has about 1,537,000 new words. EVERY. DAY.
  • Amazes us with her insanely good memory. The kid forgets nothing. Noth-ing. ;)
  • Has apparently inherited her daddy's love of Egg Nog, which she refers to as "snowman," because the carton has a snowman on it. She literally giggles when she takes a sip.
  • Asks me 400 times a day, "Whas wrong, Mommy?" It started out being very intuitive and cute - she asked it if I would sigh heavily or express frustration. Now it's just constant, whether something is wrong or not. Kinda cute, kinda funny, also a little annoying. It makes me feel like I'm giving her the impression that something is the matter with me all the time, which is SO not true!
  • LOVES to race in and get Mollie up in the mornings.

In related Mollie news, she is becoming much more aware of Natalie and loves it when Natalie talks to her. She has lots of smiles for her big sis these days!

That's about all I have time for right now. We've got another busy, busy weekend ahead, but I'm *hoping* to take some photos and get them posted! :)

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