Cake Balls

So Kim and I saw the recipe for these Cake Balls on Bakerella's blog, and we had to try them out for Thanksgiving. I'm sorry to say that ours did not turn out nearly as pretty as hers, but they did taste good. They are quite a bit of work, and we still haven't totally perfected the chocolate-dipping part. Our advice is to make sure the balls are VERY cold/almost frozen when you dip them, and make sure your chocolate bark is very hot and thin. It would probably be easiest if you could keep it warm in a fondue pot or small crockpot or something. And, if you are going to attempt them, definitely read through the comments and answers from Bakerella. There are lots of helpful hints there! :)

And here's a photo I love of Mollie. Looks like she's getting excited about having some cake balls. We're still working on cereal though. ;) Maybe next year!

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