A LONG Overdue MG Update

I feel terrible that I haven't really updated much about either of my girls, but especially Mollie lately! I keep meaning to, and I keep thinking that she's going to grow up thinking that we didn't care about her as much as Natalie because every line in Natalie's baby book is painstakingly filled out (accurately!) and honestly, I don't think I've even filled in the day that Mollie cut ANY teeth - and she's got at least 12. *sigh* But I hope that someday I can truly convey to her that the reason I wasn't able to be so thorough in recording every detail about her (or Natalie, after Mollie was born) is that there is simply no time leftover - and it's not ONLY because I'm a harried working mama of two (although I am at times), but it's also because I like to spend time ENJOYING them. That doesn't give much free time to write down how much I enjoy them, but trust me: IDO!

Currently, I am absolutely LOVING Mollie's little language explosion. It seems like overnight she went from only saying "Dada" and "Uh oh" with the occasional "Nan-ye" (Natalie) thrown in (yes, you read that right - she did NOT say "Mama") - and now she's saying all of those things, PLUS Mama (still not often) as well as "A-see" (Casey, who she has a HUGE obsession with) "Baby" (Another HUGE obsession), and all kinds of other words here and there. It's honestly like she has a whole vocabulary now overnight!

If that weren't enough, the child obviously understands pretty much everything we say and do, which is obviously great, but it's also really funny. Yesterday, when I was getting Natalie ready to head out the door for dance, Mollie grabbed her jacket and went on the hunt for her own shoes. She was upset when we left (sorry, I am just not mentally stable enough to handle Mollie in a teeeeny tiny dance studio for 45 minutes), but luckily, she and Brad went out to get some dinner for themselves, so she got to go somewhere too. I have no clue why, but close to bedtime the same evening, she brought me her jacket and shoes - oh yeah, she says "SHUSS!" - so I put them on her, just for kicks. What I didn't realize was that I inadvertently played into her idea by going out to the garage to get something I left in the car. She totally thought we were leaving together - and when I realized what she was thinking and brought her back in, she threw a FIT. I'm talking laying on her side on the floor, scissor-kicking her legs, yelling, FIT. She's officially a toddler now, folks. The fits have arrived.

MG is so different from Natalie, but they have at least one thing in common: their stubbornness. What a thing to share, right? Mollie has been obsessing over standing in the kitchen chairs lately, and also getting into basically anything and everything she shouldn't. We give her quite a few warnings, but we've had to resort to attempting Time Outs. She gets really mad, and definitely isn't as obliging about them as Natalie was when we first started - Nat would sit on the TO stool, get bored, and take all of her clothes off. Mollie just cries and tries to run away.

On a really sweet and fun note, Mollie is really enjoying her baby dolls. It's so much fun to watch her comfort them, sing to them, feed them, and her favorite - put them to bed, which entails totally covering them with anything that resembles a small blanket. We find babies all over the house, just laying in the middle of the floor covered by blankets and we just smile. I finally figured out what to get her for Christmas - a super cute doll stroller, pack'n'play, bouncy seat, and diaper bag! I'm soooo excited to see her reaction to all her new little mommy stuff! But SHHHH - don't tell Mollie (or Natalie!) that's what's she's getting! Of course, I knew a riot would ensue if Natalie didn't have a doll stroller too, so I got them matching ones - Natalie's not getting all the other stuff, though, she's getting her first scooter and helmet! :) (AGAIN: BIG SECRET!) :)

I took a bunch of pictures of Mollie playing with her baby the other day, and I'll post them soon!

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