Our house is officially under contract, which means soon we'll be on the move!! The story is actually long and kind of interesting, but it will have to wait for another day! The fact is that we were able to settle on an offer that makes us happy, we are excited not to have to do any more open houses or showings or website maintenance (or or or hee hee!), and we are THRILLED to be moving into our new home, hopefully in mid October! Woo hoo!

Thanks to everyone for their prayers and positive thoughts for us! It really seems like it was a God thing that it has all worked out like it did!

I'd also like to give a special shout-out to my wonderful hubby who made selling this house and (very successfully!) negotiating the offers on both houses pretty much his second job. It's almost like he's got real estate in his blood or something! ;) ;) ;)

Expect to see not much of me for a while - and then lots of new house photos and probably fretting over design ideas! :) Fun stuff!

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  1. CONGRATS Cuz! Such happy, wonderful news! Miss y'all! Xoxo