This is a quickie . . . but every day when we walk into daycare, Natalie says, "We are tossing Mollie first, right? We are gonna toss Mollie first, right?" The first time I didn't really get it, but I finally figured out she means "drop." Drop, toss, it's all the same, right? Well, maybe not when you're talking about babies! Anyway, it still cracks me up every day, and I'm a little bit ashamed that I didn't correct her for a few days because it makes me laugh. I tried to quickly tell her today that she means "drop," but I'm not sure that it got through. We'll probably be "tossing" Miss Mollie again tomorrow morning! :) Thankfully, in related news, Mollie is doing super great now with her "toss" aka drop off - no more tears from either girlie anymore! Praise Jesus! :)

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