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So I've been a horrible, terrible, no good, very bad blogger lately. I know this. I'm sorry. I find that on top of the "usual" life stuff - being wifey, mommy, and working outside the home - I can only handle a few other things thrown in there. So when you add in more than occasional sickness (Mollie's ears) and buying and selling a house, I can barely fit in time for anything else! I miss taking more photos and blogging about the girlies, but if I have to choose between enjoying them or recording them, I'm going to have to go with enjoying them. :)

I don't know that this will be a super thorough update, but today marks a pretty big change for us, so I thought I'd take the opportunity to record it. The girls won't be going to in-home daycare with our friend Katie anymore - they started at a daycare center today. They visited the center about 6 weeks ago and did great there for two days, so we all feel like it's going to go really well. Mollie's such a big girl now - walking and allllmost running, not taking morning naps, no bottles at all, no bedtime milk, and even getting pretty darn good at using utensils by herself - that I think she'll do super great! I think Natalie's going to really enjoy the preschool aspect of her new class. So as much as I know they'll miss spending so much time with Katie and her girls - I think we're all still in a good place. We will always hold their time with Katie in a special place, and we're of course we're all still great friends and we're excited for their new adventure as well!

Natalie also started ballet class at Victory Church last week, and she had more fun than I could have even imagined! Her teacher is my friend Jesi, and I think knowing the teacher got Natalie off on a really great foot. I have a few photos (they have to wear a bun - EEK! How adorable is that?), and I'll try to post those soon. She goes once a week, and her class basically follows a school year, so she'll have a Christmas program before a winter break, then at the end of the year they are doing a "dansical" of Mary Poppins, which Natalie LOVES, so I think she'll be thrilled about that!

We're still hard at work selling our house and praying that everything works out so that we can actually purchase "the new house" that we have under contract. Brad has been holding an Open House every single Sunday, and this past Sunday was our most promising one yet. Having Open Houses every week is pretty tough, especially when the "usual" time for them is about the exact same time as Mollie's nap. It makes things interesting, for sure! I have to say, it'll be nice when we have our Sundays back, but we'll keep on having them pretty steadily until we have a contract.

I've got about a million Natalie stories that I need to add, but I better go for now. I'm going to try to do better about blogging, but if you're not seeing me here, you can assume that I'm cleaning house and enjoying life! ;) :)

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