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This morning, a mom I know asked a big group of other moms: "Tell me about your kids!" It's been so fun to read a mother's description of each of her children, and since I spent a little time on the exercise myself, I thought I'd share my answer here:

Natalie: Incredibly sharp and inquisitive - this kid misses NOTHING. She analyzes everything and oftentimes instead of the typical asking "Why?" she first tells US why she thinks something is, very matter-of-factly - and then follows it up with, "Is that right?" She's been entertaining us with her quirky sense of humor for as long as I can remember. Before she came along, I had no idea that such a young child could be so truly funny. She likes dancing and singing (although she really can't carry a tune at this point). She prides herself on being outgoing and brave, but she's actually a bit more timid than she'd like to admit. She's pretty good at following rules, and loves learning new things that make us proud. She's fairly oblivious to what others think of her, loves to pick out her own clothes, but has ZERO interest in those clothes matching in any way. She's a great big sister, she deeply loves her family and friends and Mollie is pretty much her best friend.

Mollie: The first thing that comes to mind about her is that she's probably the most stubborn little creature that I've ever encountered. Mollie has SUCH a sweet spirit, but she does NOT deal well with not getting her way. She is incredibly tender-hearted and very shy and is not a thrill-seeker in any way. She is absolutely obsessed with singing and dancing, and if it weren't for her extreme shyness, I'd be convinced that she was destined to be some kind of performer. She's incredibly sweet and so typically cute with her blonde curls and big puppy-dog eyes that she gets by with SO much with people other than me or Brad. It's not uncommon at all for someone to tell us something along the lines of, "She's so stinking cute I just couldn't bring myself to say no to her!" She adores playing with baby dolls (she's such a GREAT little mama) and playing "house" with Natalie. She fiercely loves her big sister and wants to be just like her. She also loves to pick out her clothes, and to my surprise after dealing with Natalie all this time, she likes for her clothes to match and is pretty good and picking out cute combinations all on her own.

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