Florida Vacation Day 8: REST!

And on the eighth day, we rested. Sort of. :) Our plan was to go to Animal Kingdom on Friday and have a day to just hang out without the potential stress of parks on Thursday. We researched Hollywood Studios and decided that it didn't really seem to have enough for the kids (although it does have "Beauty & the Beast" and "The Little Mermaid" shows, but we could potentially go to shows like that at home), but our family and Al & Deb did have 5-day passes, so I suggested to Brad that he go with them for the morning and hang out at Hollywood Studios since I knew that Brad & his dad would have a blast there. The rest of us took our time getting ready for the day and headed to the community pool. The kids had so much fun playing in the water! It was a beautiful day and the pool was beautiful and really great for kids! There was a large zero-entry area, and none of the main part of the pool was more than 3 feet deep. It was really nice to somewhat relax outside, but of course having kiddos in water, my mommy brain can never 100% relax. :) I was again really pleased that Mollie seemed to feel so comfortable in the water. It's a big change from last year!Blog02 Kara, Mollie, and Caleb had a lot of fun playing in splash pad area where water would shoot up intermittently here and there. They made a big game out of seeing who could race to catch it first. :)Blog01 Brad, Al, & Deb ended up staying at Hollywood into the afternoon, and it seemed like they really enjoyed themselves. I know they went on the Tower of Terror (which sounded AWFUL to me! haha) and the Aersosmith Rock'n'Rollercoaster. Back home, though, we had leftover yummy pizza for lunch and then Mollie and I took a nice nap! That evening, we got Chinese food for dinner, and other than a slight miscommunication with where everyone placed their orders ;) we had a nice relaxing evening, making preparations for Animal Kingdom the next day. I kept thinking we should take our kiddos back to Hollywood that night to see their light show, but it just sounded like it was going to be too scary for little ones, so we decided to pass. That's something else to look forward to when the girls are older on our NEXT trip! :)

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