You Learn Something New Every Day

There are two reasons that I haven't used watermarks on my photos before. 1) I feel like it makes me seem uppity - as if I'm a pro or something and 2) I wasn't sure how to do it. But I got started thinking - I really should probably use watermarks because I put my photos out here on this blog, and I don't want anyone stealing photos of my sweeties and using them for purposes that I have not sanctioned or that I know nothing about. So today I learned how to create and use a watermark. Holy buckets! It.is.easy. And kinda fun. :) So here's a little something showing what I've learned. :)



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  1. Ok, first of all your photos are fabulous and remember all "pros" still have stuff to learn, so I say you are a "pro." Second of all, a watermark is a great idea. I have thought of using one also, but haven't figured it out yet. I love the top picture!